Albert Sheppard

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Someone To Dance With

Although there's no way to know what life has in store
...I feel the time has come and I can't wait anymore.

I'm tired of dancing alone and I now make this vow...
I will find my soul mate and I WILL find her now.

Too many dances have now passed me by.
I'm without a dance partner and I don't know why.

With all my dancing, experience and love of life
...certainly I can find the dancer who should be my wife.

What kind of dancer am I looking for?
How would I even know if she danced through the door?

She'd have the face and legs molded by a deity.
She'd know my mind, feel my heart and like my poetry.

Someone who's not afraid to open her heart...
Someone who believes that true love should never ever part...

Someone happy to be loved and loves in return
...who believes love is a precious gem never ever to be spurned.

We'll dance to Latin, Swing and Rock like a dancing machine.
...then Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba and Tango Argentine.

When we dance ...all of life will become so clear.
Our dance will reveal our love, our passions and quiet our fear.

I thought and thought and thought and now I see
...that fate and time alone will not make my heart free. I will dance with ten thousand dancers until I find
...the perfect mate in body, soul, spirit ...and in mind.

Then when I fall in love I will know that it is true
...because above all else ...she will love me too.

Written by
Albert V. Sheppard
May 3, 2003
"To be announced"