My red hot chili pepper Miss -- She's red hot to the touch

My Red Hot Chili Pepper

She's red hot to the touch.
I thought it might be too much

...but I dared to dance the salsa with this red hot Mexican Miss.
Ay chiguaga!!!!!! ...ay chiquaga!!!!!! I think I have to p_ss!

She's made of chili and spice
...and everything nice.

...but now I wish I chose some fahitas,
...with molé, frijoles and some cooler chicas.

She kissed me only one time
...but now I've lost my mind.

My hair is on fire
...like I touched a live wire.

I have one foot taping mariachi ...and the other cha cha cha.
All the people think I'm loco ... and they're are laughing ha ha ha.

Perhaps I've been bewitched and will never more be free
...but with cupid's hot arrows in my eyes ...I can hardly even see.

My eyes see many colors that before I've never seen
...and l constantly hear music ... what could this ever mean?

She gave me fair warning that I'd better not mess around
...but I had no idea of what a hot chili pepper I had really found

So if ever you should see me ... and take pity on my soul
...give me a glass of ice water to cool down my hot a_s hole!!!

Written by Albert V. Sheppard
for a good friend
January 20, 2002
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Albert Sheppard

“We pass by potentially great friends, compatible business, cultural, and political exchange partners, and possible perfect mates everyday and FATE NEVER causes us to meet them, in a safe environment for a long enough time to discover that we like each other. We are programmed by Hollywood films and music and media stars to reject anyone who does not immediately meet our usually misguided standards. Perhaps that is a fact of life and may even be a instinctual human trait, but we know it fails to recognize a more developed and current human state. I personally have tried the pen-pal, friends, social networking, dating, matching, and marriage sites for many years with some temporary success, but they did NOT meet my most important expectations, needs, wants, desires, and goals. Their concept is good, but misdirected. It is hard enough to deal with the random odds, the random chance, the fickle fate, and the chaos in the real world; so why extend it into the virtual world. My future websites take into account these social networking and dating/match-making site short-comings, their trial-and-error approach, their best intentions, their best concepts, and their best practices and adds a structure to give nature an intelligent helping hand.

I have NO doubt that each of us can do some small or BIG things to stop violence; raise better children; stop violence against women; stop drugs and alcohol abuse; ostracize the ignorant conservative politicians and their controllers, who want to take the world backwards in the misused name of traditional values; raise your voice, your pen, your blog, and your web site to stomp out racists and religious bigots -- do NOT be silent (your silence implies consent); stop global threats and human suppression by countries of their own people and their threats to other nations and territories; remove the causes of terrorism; help capture or kill terrorists and dangerous criminals; create global friendships with appreciation for global cultures find ways to communicate effectively with people, who speak other languages; give aid and care for others in disasters; get rid of world poverty, disease, starvation, illiteracy and ignorance, rape, child abuse, pedophilia, and the rampant abuse of our globe and the protective atmosphere. Help immigrants, seeking a better life and trying to support their families, to do so. Make a legal path for illegal immigrants seeking to do the work that you and I reject, etc. Do not accept the globe the way it is. We can make it better. Just do something! Even a small thing. Any action you take, no matter how small, will set off ripple effects that will reverberate around the world. Courage is not the absence of fear, but overcoming your fears.

Albert V. Sheppard