The Princess Who Would Not Smile

The Princess Who Would Not Smile

Once upon a time on a far off isle
...there lived a sad young princess who would not smile.

In this kingdom there was a law that eating desserts was not allowed
"Off with the heads of those caught with desserts!" the king decreed and vowed.

All the king's jesters and all the king's men
...tried to make the princess laugh and smile again.

"Off with their heads!" they heard the king say.
"They're all so boring. Send them all away!"

"I know what to do Your Majesty if you will let me try."
Then the king's wizard took the princess by the hand and flew off into the sky.

"Where are you taking me Wizard? We're flying so high I feel I will cry."
"Be brave my princess. We're going to the land of chocolate cookies, cakes and pie."

"Uumm!!! That sounds good. I hope it's not far."
"Just blink and we'll be there. It's just past the North Star."

"We're here! We're here! Everything smells soooo good!!!"
"But you cannot eat the desserts Princess yet I really wish you could."

"Can't I have just a chocolate chip cookie or lick the chocolate cake?"
"I would kill to have some chocolate pie or a drink from the mocha chocolate lake."

"Yes. You may nibble, dibble, slurp and chew
...but first there is something that you must do."

"You must dance with the mean ugly troll and show no fright.
Then you may munch the gingerbread and all the desserts 'til your heart's delight."

"Come dance with me my pretty princess," said the scary ol' troll.
"I'm not afraid of you Chump. You're just a fat ugly mole. Let's just dance before the night gets old!"

When the dance was done the princess dove face first into the white chocolate cake.
The ugly troll turned into a handsome prince and they cooled off in the chocolate lake.

They ate and ate and ate and ate until they could eat no more.
...and soon they were too full even to stand and fell down on the candy floor.

...and when they saw what a mess they were they laughed and could not stop.
"If I even eat one more bite," said the princess, "I think I will surely pop."

The wizard waved his magic wand. Behold she was home laughing on the royal floor.
...still covered in chocolate sauce and cookie crumbs as the king walked through the door.

"What manner of fun is this?" laughed the king for all the people to see.
Now all the royals and common people too were rolling around with glee.

So the prince and the princess got married and lived happily ever after.
If you listen very carefully you still can hear the kingdom that's full of dance and laughter.

Written by
Albert V. Sheppard
April 23, 2003

...because of a smile

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The Princess Who Would Not Smile Once upon a time on a far off isle ...there lived a sad young princess who would not smile In this kingdom there was a law that eating desserts was not allowed Off with the heads of those caught with desserts! the king decreed and vowed All the king's jesters and all the king's men ...tried to make the princess laugh and smile again Off with their heads they heard the king say They're all so boring. Send them all away